Shipping and Fulfillment!

Shipping Information

Orders within the USA are shipped USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail Small, Medium, or Large Flat Rate Box. Orders outside the USA are shipped USPS First Class International Mail and Priority Mail International. Please note, for international orders you will be responsible for duties and taxes via your country's customs, if applicable. We add a small supplies and handling charge of $1 or less to cover the cost of all the materials we use to ship out orders.

You can verify our International shipping prices by going to United States Postal Service site and use their shipping calculator HERE.  And you can verify package dimensions used by USPS to determine shipping HERE for International Shipping. You will see this same chart below:

We try to keep all orders under 8oz and we ship in padded envelopes in two sizes 7 inch Length x 5 inch Height x 5 inch Width and 9 inch x 7 inch x 7 inch for larger orders. Our packages are considered packages or thick envelopes. We are not considered Letters as Letters can not be more than 1/4 of an inch thick, which we can not do since our pins are thicker than that in the envelope. The large envelope can't be thicker than 3/4 of an inch thick. The thickness of the envelope and the weight is what determines the amount for international shipping. Our orders fall under thick large envelope or package as our envelopes contain items that cause more than 1/4 inch variation in thickness, which is why we have the rates that we have. Unfortunately this is the cheapest shipping we can do here in the USA at the moment. It is cheaper to ship to the USA and more expensive to ship from the USA.

If you have an issue with our International shipping charges feel free to reach out to us at and we can walk you through the exact steps mentioned above. But again shipping internationally from the USA is EXPENSIVE and it is cheaper to ship to the USA and more expensive to ship from the USA. It doesn't make any sense to me either and you can complain to the United States Postal Service for this issue!

Fulfillment Time

Our typical fulfillment time of your order is within 2-3 days, however times may vary depending on holiday and when order is placed. If your timeline is sensitive, please contact us regarding your delivery date.